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Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you are looking to purchase a used vehicle and needs a professional advice before deciding, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive technical checks that includes body works, engine, undercarriage and computer diagnostics to enable our customers to make informed decision on such high value purchase.

Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide and it has lower temperature than that of water ice, and it does not leave any residue. Dry ice sublimates at -78.5 deg C.

Recent advances in technology have made dry ice blasting more practical and affordable alternative to traditional cleaning methods such as sand, soda or water blasting and manual cleaning using solvents.

The use of DRY ICE also eliminates “Media Waste” as the dry ice pellets just disappear when it is being used.

The VELOCITY High Pressure Dry Ice Machine is the 1st of its kind in Singapore to offer dry ice blasting for complete thorough cleaning of the internal engine parts, such as pistons, chambers and valves and cylinder block.

With this new technology, NO Chemical, Detergents or Corrosive compounds are used other than DRY ICE PELLETS. Dry Ice is non-abrasive in nature, hence the use of Dry Ice will not damage sensitive parts inside the engine internals, such as pistons and valves.

The high pressure dry ice produced by the machine allows accumulated carbon deposits on the Intake Side (Engine Valves and Intake Header) as well as Cylinder Head side (Pistons, Cylinder Block and Chambers) to be effectively removed, leaving a shiny new surface like brand new.

This in-turn allows the engine to gain more fuel efficiency, as the engine combustion is back to optimal levels, which allows the engine to become smoother and powerful once again.

The main advantages of this Dry Ice Process are:

  • Rejuvenate Engine To Its Original New Condition By Removing All Carbon Deposits

  • Accumulated Inside The Entire Engine (Intake and Cylinder Head Side)

  • Improve Engine Performance (Car Drives Smoother)

  • Extend Engine Life-Span

  • Significantly Improve Fuel Efficiency

  • Provides Fuel Savings and Lower Maintenance Costs To Car Owners

  • Reduces CO2 Levels

Most importantly, this new process and technology is Environmentally Friendly and Safe, as the Dry Ice uses small pellets of recycled carbon dioxide to clean the surface.

The pellets sublimates during the blasting and cleaning process, and these carbon dioxide gas is absorbed by tress and plants and converted into carbon and oxygen. It is a “GREEN” recycling process as no ozone-depleting chemicals are used at all.

Dry Ice


Our quality car maintenance scope of works includes:

  • Oil service

    • Regular oil change

    • Checks for wear and tear items such as air filter, aircon filters, brake pads

  • Car repairs

    • Engine oil leaks

    • Engine coolant works

    • Abs pump replacements

  • Engine overhaul works

    • Pistons replacements

    • Extensive engine block, cylinder head and intake/exhaust vales cleaning and polishing

    • Valve seals replacement

  • Transmission

    • Transmission fluid replacement

    • Dual clutch replacements

    • Mechatronic replacements

    • Gearbox overhaul

  • Computerised wheel alignment

  • 24-hours breakdown recovery

New Car or Parts Upgrade

  • Upgrade of OE parts for Mercedes Benz

  • Upgrade of OE parts for VAG cars

Car Sales

  • New Car Sales

    • Importation of all models of New Continental and Japanese Cars

    • Financing options with established financial institutions

    • Warranty for all new Parallel Import Cars

  • Used Car Sales

    • Sales of all models of used cars

    • Financing options with established financial institutions

    • Warranty of used cars